Eating healthfully may be defined in many different ways. The Life Balance Centre believes that individuals should be eating certain foods in particular amounts in order to help balance hormones and to optimize overall health. Listed below are general guidelines and helpful hints to become successful at achieving your nutritional goals.

General Guidelines
(Taken From the Schwarzbein Principle)

Eat a variety of different proteins to minimize the chances of developing food intolerances.

Beef Nuts Tofu
Chicken Pork Tuna
Crab Salmon Turkey
Eggs Scallops Turkey (dark meat)
Hamburger Shrimp Cheese
Lamb Tempeh Veal

Real Carbohydrates
Both real and manmade carbohydrates raise insulin levels in the blood.
Eat carbohydrates in proportion to your protein and fat intake.

Starchy Vegetables Legumes Grains
artichoke black beans barley
carrots/tomatoes (cooked) chickpeas brown rice
corn black-eyed peas bulgur
green peas kidney beans couscous
potato lentils oatmeal
split peas   popcorn (air popped)
sweet potato or yam    
(acorn, winter, butternut)

Manmade Carbohydrates
Occasionally eat these manmade carbohydrates. Serving size varies.

1 med corn tortilla
1/2 to 1 slice whole grain bread
1 small whole grain pita
1 small whole grain roll
whole grain crackers
whole grain cereal

Nonstarchy Vegetables
Nonstarchy vegetables can be eaten freely — don't count in your carbohydrate allowance!

Asparagus Cucumber Mushrooms (organic)
Bean sprouts Eggplant Onions
Broccoli Green Beans Peppers - all colors
Cabbage Greens Snap Peas
Carrots (raw only) Leeks Spinach
Celery Lettuce Tomatoes (raw only)

Healthy Fats And Oils

Monounsaturated Oils Saturated Oils *Polyunsaturated Oils
Canola Oil Butter Corn Oil
Grapeseed Oil Cream (real, dairy only) Cottonseed Oil
Olive Oil Ghee (clarified butter) Soybean Oil
Peanut Oil   Sunflower Oil
    Sesame Oil
    *limit use, do not heat

Foods with Healthy Fats
Avocado Seeds Olives
Eggs Nuts Mayonnaise (from
Salad Dressing
(no sugar added)
Nut Butters pure-pressed canola)

These contain carbohydrates - include in your carbohydrate allowance.


hCG Program Additional Hormones
The concept behind the hCG diet program is to have a very low calorie diet(VLCD) which promotes weight loss, without losing muscle mass. Normally on a VLCD muscle would be lost along with fat. We want to give the body the hormonal message that it needs to be building muscle, while restricting calories. This will minimize muscle loss and promote the maximal fat loss that can be achieved.

The following are all of the hormones included in the diet:

Two program options:

If more than 30 -40 pounds of weight loss is desired, a second round of 40 days can be repeated after 6 weeks. Can not be repeated sooner because of tolerance to the effect of hCG.

Every individual is unique; meaning that everyone needs a different amount of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fat, water, etc.)

The Life Balance Centre will assist you further to distinguish
what is the healthiest way of eating for YOU!

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