Estradiol is the main hormone that defines all of the secondary female sexual characteristics. The mental stability and ability to multitask are all related to this hormone. Since estradiol is also considered a neurotransmitter, it has everything to do with the feeling of wellbeing in women. A woman's health is also associated with estradiol. Prior to puberty a girl is more prone to disease and infection. During the reproductive years this propensity to infection and disease decreases. Before antibiotics, and modern medicine, many girls died prior to puberty and many women died from pneumonia or other infections in the perimenopausal years as health declined. In a nutshell, health follows hormones.

Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate many of the body's functions. Since they are chemicals that float around in the bloodstream, they come into contact with many organ systems in the body. One hormone modifies the way other hormones work. It is very important to balance each hormone system with all of the other hormone systems to maximize health and longevity. There are major and minor hormone systems in our body. The major hormones are Insulin, Adrenaline, and Cortisol and are essential to life. The minor hormone systems are important for fine tuning and a feeling of well being. Among the minor hormone systems are the male and female hormone systems in which balance is essential for feeling well.

When replacing hormones, it must be understood that all hormone systems need to be considered. A hormone needs to be replaced only if it is missing or deficient. A hormone that is missing should be replaced with a bio-identical hormone (exactly the same as our body makes). A hormone should also be replaced in the same way that the body makes it. Results should then be tracked with blood or saliva testing as appropriate. Adjustments to the hormones are based on laboratory values as well as symptoms.

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