There are four main categories used for assessing metabolic type. The first is a damaged or healthy metabolism. The second is insulin resistant or insulin sensitive. The third is healthy adrenals or adrenals stressed/burnout. The fourth is hormones in balance or out of balance.

Damaged metabolism is associated with the diseases of aging or energy metabolism being disrupted. If a disease of aging has already become evident, such as high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, elevated cholesterol, or other metabolic or endocrine abnormalities; we consider the metabolism as damaged. Fatigue, Chronic fatigue syndrome, and Fibromyalgia are all markers of damaged energy metabolism.

Insulin resistance is a condition where more insulin is required to carry out the same function in the body than lower levels could previously deal with. Therefore this condition usually shows up as elevated fasting insulin levels. Insulin resistance also leads to type-2 diabetes when multiple organ systems are affected by the insulin resistance. Insulin resistance also leads to weight gain and weight-loss resistance. Sensitivity to gluten (the protein component of wheat, rye and barley) is highly implicated in all levels of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance also predisposes one to elevated triglycerides and overall cholesterol as well as development of coronary artery disease and hypertension.

Hormones out of balance. There are multiple hormones systems in the body, all having influences on one another. The major hormones systems of insulin, adrenaline, and cortisol are essential to life. The minor hormones systems such as thyroid, male and female hormones systems, and neuroendocrine systems (neurotransmitters) with all their intricate workings are essential for our prolonged health and our sense of well-being. When all of our systems are in balance, we feel our best.

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