Grant P. Williams, M.D.
MD — Ross University School of Medicine
Internal Medicine — UCSF-Fresno
Anesthesiology — LA County/USC

Schwarzbein Practitioner:

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I embarked on this journey to understanding a different type of medicine when there was no one who could help my wife, Caroline, with her Fibromyalgia. There were no cures and not many answers until I was given a copy of Suzanne Sommers' book, The Sexy Years. In it I discovered Dr. Diana Schwarzbein and picked up her books. For the first time, I felt like I had found some answers to the problems that modern medicine could not solve. It was a new way of looking at the body and the way that all of the systems interact. I was ready to send my wife to Dr. Schwarzbein, but as luck would have it, her practice was full. Further investigation led me to her courses for medical professionals and the start into a deeper understanding of the human body and the complexity of the interactions between the bodily systems. I ended up in Santa Barbara by invitation of Dr. Schwarzbein to share space in her practice, and help her as she minimized and eventually phased out of patient care to pursue other goals.

I am a Medical Doctor, a Husband, and a Father of three (Cameron, Corben and Katie). Caroline is still continuously improving; her Fibromyalgia symptoms are resolved and her energy is increasing daily. Cameron is 14, getting ready to start high school, and his ADD is almost completely resolved with dietary changes…school is no longer a nightmare! Corben is getting ready to start 3rd grade and loves sports. Katie is anxiously looking forward to 2nd grade and likes art, bugs, and animals. We have settled in to the area and I am looking forward to becoming more involved in the community. We are involved in our local church. I have also been coach of my son's YMCA baseball team this past season. I am excited to be welcomed into our new office location and into this community.

We need to address the serious breakdown that is occurring in our bodies, especially in light of our toxic environment, and processed foods. Our practice is now implementing programs that lead to the health of my family, friends, and now my patients. My passion is to continually improve programs which lead to health, wellness, and the prevention of disease. I have undertaken training to equip me for effective hormone and metabolic balancing. The future of medicine is prevention and health is up to us, we just need to be educated and act on that knowledge.


Denise F. Barry
B.S. Nutritional Science

Denise earned her Bachelor's Degree in Nutritional Science from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

She worked in the health and fitness industry as a Nutritionist at one of the largest fitness clubs on the Central Coast. She worked one-one with clients along with assisting trainers with weight loss programs in group settings.

She also completed a Dietetic Internship through Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. During this time she worked and gained experience through hospitals, private clinics, mental health facilities, school districts and public health agencies. After gaining experience Denise took her National Boards Exam and is now a Registered Dietitian.

At this time Denise is working at The Life Balance Centre in Santa Barbara. She works with patients of all ages helping them to optimize their overall health. She educates patients about what it means to eat correctly in order to balance hormones, lose weight and increase energy. She also works with food intolerances, yeast and bacterial overgrowth, and digestive issues.

Denise is an enthusiastic individual who has a great ability to motivate individuals along with giving them the emotional support they need during their journey to better health!


Catherine Rhodes
M.S., Exercise Physiology

Catherine Rhodes is an educator, personal trainer and healthy lifestyle consultant. She has worked with private clients and corporations nationwide for over 15 years, providing her professional services in every area of exercise science from personal training and nutritional counseling to opening new facilities and managing spa and fitness centers for exclusive country clubs, major hotels, specialized fitness companies and five-star resorts. Catherine is highly regarded in her field for her contributions as a faculty trainer, program contributor and executive committee member for various health, fitness and exercise agencies. Her health and medical expertise in exercise prescription, metabolic and exercise testing, post-rehabilitation therapy and fitness consultation is professionally recognized. In addition, Catherine holds numerous industry certifications, including massage therapist, personal training, yoga, pilates, golf fitness, kickboxing, aerobics, and older adult exercise instructor.


Doris Vargas
Medical Assistant

Doris has worked in the medical field for over 20 years. Over the last 10 years, Doris has worked with Santa Barbara's well known Endocrinologist, Diana Schwarzbein, M.D. at The Schwarzbein Institute. Doris continues to work with the Schwarzbein institute but spends most of her time working as the Medical Assistant/Supervisor for Dr. Williams at the Life Balance Centre, Santa Barbara.

Doris provides comprehensive patient follow-up with a special emphasis on highly personalized patient care.

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