Through The Life Balance Centre's state-of-the-art technology, we measure your actual resting metabolic rate and exercise metabolism as well as body composition to determine your basic caloric needs. Additional laboratory tests are performed to assess other health factors such as low thyroid, hormone imbalances, food allergies and environmental toxicities such as heavy metal poisoning. Frequently these health conditions are overlooked and may be affecting your body chemistry and its ability to lose weight.

Achieving your ideal weight and fitness level takes more than a 6 week program. Only through appropriate knowledge, skill-building, personalized programming, dedication and consistency will one achieve true wellness. Our goal at The Life Balance Centre is to assess your metabolism, uncover any conditions that may impede it, and design a nutrition, weight loss and fitness program that will lead you to ultimate wellness.


We begin with two easy 10-15 minute assessments and take a "snapshot" of your metabolism by measuring:


With this information, we will design a custom program that really works for you. With our Weight Management Program, you'll know:


Your personal program provides you with all the tools and information to help you improve your metabolism and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. With proper nutrition and exercising at the level that's right for your body, you will get the maximum result in the minimum time, every time.


As a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, how do you know you are maximizing your efforts? Do you know your lactate threshold and are you utilizing it in training to optimize your performance? Is your desire to improve your fitness or performance levels? Do you know how hard you should be working out? Are you always on the "injured" list?

Learning to train smarter, not harder is not an easy concept to embrace for the dedicated, motivated, hard-working individual. Often, when a person starts a workout program, the more fit they become and better they feel, the harder they are inclined to work out. Their tendencies are to continually chase their fitness level, and in time, they become exhausted, injured and fail to improve-they finish less than best.

Training smarter, not harder is about knowing your optimal aerobic fat burning level and lactate threshold. Training through various heart rate zones move your aerobic base and threshold level higher, ultimately increasing overall performance.

Through The Life Balance Centre's advanced testing techniques, we will define your aerobic base (most efficient heart rate for fat burning), lactate threshold (heart rate at which glucose metabolism is predominant) and VO2 peak level (genetic potential for performance) to help you understand how your body performs. Laboratory testing to evaluate cellular metabolism, energy efficiency and to detect any hindrances to performance are also carried out.

To complete the package, this information along with our nutrition program to support your workout and "periodization" training schedule increases your body's oxygen utilization, strength, endurance and can push your performance level to produce peak results. This application of proven scientific principles allows your body to train and perform better while recovering faster. This all translates into a better position at the finish line.

Our goal at The Life Balance Centre is to help you train smarter, not harder!

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