Overall health and wellness requires appropriate nutrition, physical activity and exercise. Poor diet and inactivity can lead to an unbalanced and inefficient metabolism causing unwanted weight gain, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and low energy levels. The list doesn't stop there; however, with the millions of Americans suffering from these conditions, it is evident that those that attempt diet and exercise seem to be falling short of their goals. Most of these programs fail simply because they try and provide a temporary fix while providing a "one size fits all" approach. Everyone's physiology and metabolism are unique just like they have different fingerprints and DNA. Metabolism is affected by your age, body composition, gender, genetics, and physical activity level and associated health conditions. Developing and maintaining a healthy and efficient metabolism is the first step to improving health and achieving an appropriate body composition (ratio of lean muscle tissue to body fat). Our Weight Management and Fitness Program take a complete look at your metabolism, dietary needs and fitness level. We design a custom-fit two part program. Part one is a nutrition guideline that helps you eliminate unwanted fat, build lean muscle mass and "rev up your engine." Part two is an exercise plan that maximizes your ability to optimize fat burning, boost your metabolism, increase and preserve lean muscle mass.

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