Claudia Cook, Santa Barbara, California

At 56 years old I suffered an extreme allergic reaction and went into anaphylactic shock spent many months of debilitation. I was light-headed to the point of passing out, nauseous, had no energy and was unable to concentrate. I had bronchitis about once a month which would severely trigger my asthma. I was given steroids and antibiotics that made my other symptoms worsen. During this time I saw every kind of "ologist" there is. None of them had a diagnosis or any answer for my lack of recovery. I was taken to the ER eight separate times. After six months and my symptoms worsening, a friend suggested that I see Dr. Williams at the Life Balance Center. Dr. Williams told me that if we help the digestive system heal then the rest of the body would heal itself. After many tests he found that I am allergic to gluten, milk and soy. I was also deficient in digestive enzymes, stomach acid and intestinal bacteria. He prescribed an extensive regimen of supplemental nutrients, stress reduction, and better eating habits. He thoroughly tested my endocrine balance and prescribed adjustments to my thyroid and hormone medication.

I have been on this plan for almost six months and the improvement is amazing. I have not had bronchitis once and have even taken a trip involving many trains, airplanes and boats with exposure to lots of bacteria and virus. I have more energy and am able to work again. I know I have a way to go, but at least I have seen good improvement where before there was none. The program makes so much sense. Now I feel there is hope for my complete recovery.

When modern medical establishment could not help me this program did. I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates a common sense approach to healing.

Anita Hamilton Ortega

When I first called the Life Balance Center I was in the worst condition I have ever been in my life. I had just turned 50, was depressed, had anxiety out of control, senseless crying and I had been bleeding profusely (for no apparent reason) for 25 days. A gyn specialist had examined me and ordered me to take synthetic progesterone (which made me feel worse!) and if that didn't stop the withdrawal bleeding, then he would perform surgery.

After extensive research on my part I learned about bio-identical hormones and discovered the Life Balance Center in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Williams set about balancing my hormones using bio-identical hormones, restructuring my diet and nutrition. The rest was up to me. I had to be proactive. So I set about following "Dr.'s orders" 100%.

Today, only 2 months later, I feel better than ever!! I am amazed that for me it was only a matter of balancing hormones, nutrition and life style. It didn't happen overnight, but it's certainly worth it.

Jeri Combs

Dr. Williams recently evaluated me. I have been disabled for almost 4 years and have been seen by many doctors. Dr. Williams discovered an internal infection that no one else could diagnose, absolutely no stomach acid to digest food properly, a very inflamed stomach, internal bleeding, very specific food intolerances and malnutrition, even though I have been very careful about my diet and have been taking massive vitamins. By simply changing the timing of when I take digestive enzymes and vitamins, adding a high quality pro-biotic, as well as an anti-inflammatory (very great tasting vitamin shake I might add), and a specific diet which gives me all the food I could desire, my energy is returning, the internal bleeding has completely stopped. I am starting to recover and have been able to begin to exercise to regain my muscles. It is wonderful to be able to eat again without massive pain after meals. My other doctor was shocked by his diagnosis. And his recommendations are working. I lost everything due to my illness. If I get my health back I will be able to re-build a life at 57, and I am determined to do so. Dr. Williams guidance in this has been the missing information that I dearly needed.

Beverly Pippen

My story actually began several years before Dr. Williams became my hormone specialist. Under the care of Dr. Diana Schwarzbein I was guided to embrace the philosophy that "you are what you eat" and to follow some simple rules about eating and exercising that would slow down the metabolic aging track that I was on. Let me tell you a little about me so that you will know where my story begins. I am a 55 year old female, 1st grade teacher for 22 years, mother of 3 grown children and grandmother of my first grandson born in February of this year. I have had a history of headaches, many of them debilitating migraines, that affected my life socially, professionally, and personally. After my first visit with Dr. Scharzbein, it was confirmed that my migraines were cyclical, connected with my perimenopausal state and could be helped simply by watching what I ate, how much I ate, and by adding a slight trace hormonal supplement to my system. This worked phenominally well until a year and a half ago when I began having other issues. My digestive tract seemed to be revolting against me, my headaches returned, I was exhausted, anxious, always hungry, depressed and gaining weight.

It was at this time that I was introduced to Dr. Grant Williams. Upon his request I participated in several simple medical screening tests and several consultation appointments with Dr. Williams. I was diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten, then later to dairy products, my perimenopausal diagnosis had progressed to full-blown menopause, and Dr. Williams suspected that a neurotransmitter assessment would be a good step to take but wanted to have me concentrate on the digestion issues first. Feeling so frustrated that I had followed all of the eating guidelines and simple rules that had always worked in the past and that now it felt like it was no longer working, I was more than happy to follow his directions. Over the next year I cut out all gluten and dairy in my diet and Dr. Williams prescribed several supplemental products to begin the healing of my digestive tract. That alone was a slow process but I was beginning to see a change in my time spent in the bathroom and a little more energy. Dr. Williams was pleased to see that progress but he was committed to seeing me overcome the other feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and hunger. It was at this time that he ordered the neurotransmitter tests. Now, I have participated in two neurotransmitter tests and with each consultation Dr. Williams is feeding back better results.

I am now supplementing my body with several products, under Dr. Williams' direction, that seem to be boosting energy, relieving my hunger cravings, lowering my anxiety, and increasing my sense of well-being. I have noticed a difference in my relationships with my family members, my colleagues at work and my students in my classroom. Working with first graders all day every day is demanding work. Some days it feels like I just problem solve with issues involving parents, inter-classroom struggles, learning difficulties, and mountains of paper work. My attitude and energy level is so much better that I have enthusiasm that is infectious to my students. I even have the energy now to volunteer in ministries at our church that take place 6 nights out the week. This was very difficult for me before, but is do-able and enjoyable for me now.

I want to publicly thank Dr. Grant Williams for his expertise and his caring knowledge of how bodies and their systems work. This is something that I would have never discovered by myself. I appreciate his willingness to always be available along with his staff who always approach me concerns with professionalism and consideration. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Grant Williams and the Life Balance Centre to any of my friends.

Sincerely, Beverly Pippen

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