There are many levels of consultation that are offered at the Life Balance Centre.

Nutrition and Professional Physical Training Programs

For minor imbalances and/or if positive lifestyle modification is needed, you can consult with a qualified Nutritionist and/or Registered Dietitian and an Exercise Physiologist to start a program towards better health and longevity. These professionals are specifically trained to be an integral part of the Life Balance Team and understand our program and philosophy intimately.

Physician Program

When there are problems with hormone systems that need specific medical intervention from a completely functional approach, consultation with Dr. Williams will be needed to develop not only lifestyle modifications, but specific hormone therapies to bring back balance. The typical initial consultation will last one hour with Dr. Williams, 1 hour with our Dietitian or Nutritionist to understand the role of nutrition and the major hormones and 15 minutes with our Exercise Physiologist to educate you on the role of physical activity and exercise and metabolism.

Group & Individualized Programs

Group programs are available for weight loss resistance and detoxification to help you develop a better understanding of the function of your body and reach your weight loss/maintenance and wellness goals. Private consultation and instruction is available with both our Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist or Fitness Specialists.


The Life Balance Centre offers 6-week general detoxification program. If more specificity is required, or chelation therapies needed, a full physician program may be implemented.

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